We are so excited to release our first game today!


First, we have a very cool launch trailer for you all:

[embedded content]

Unspottable is a competitive party game for 2 to 4 players that will test you on whether you can tell your friends from machines.

Hide amongst a crowd of AIs in 12 different environments with specific gameplay mechanics:

+ Revealing spotlights

+ Falling Bombs

+ Punching Robots

+ Sidequests and more…

And an expert mode for experienced players who want to push the deception and mind games.

prison 1theatre player punched smallarena small

“Walk like a robot, Punch like a Human!”


The game is local multiplayer only, no singleplayer, no in-game online mode.

You can play online though, using services like Steam remote play and Parsec (https://parsecgaming.com/)
These two have been live savers for us during this weird year where we have to do all our testing remotely!!

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedbacks on the demo during all the online events we attended this year, we hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! 🙂

Consoles builds are almost there, so we should be able to release on Switch, Xbox One and PS4 in November!

We love to hear what you think, come chat on twitter and discord!

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