Marble Age: Remastered

Marble Age: Remastered is coming out on November 3rd on Steam! Try a free demo version and if you liked it, add to your wishlist.

Situated in Ancient Greece, Marble Age: Remastered offers players to explore its early history through one of three famous Greek city-states: Athens, Corinth, or Sparta. Each city has unique gameplay, where Athens relies on its excellent diplomacy, Sparta — on its powerful army, and Corinth — on its endless money. The game covers over 3000 years of history of Ancient Greece, starting from the earliest prehistoric settlements to the creation of the cross-continental Empire.

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While being more casual, Marble Age: Remastered stays as packed with the historical data as the studio’s previous releases Predynastic Egypt and Egypt: Old Kingdom.

Choose your way to expand your influence!

There is nothing money can’t buy, the only question is how much are you ready to pay, isn’t that right? If you agree, you definitely should choose Corinth! This insanely wealthy city was located at the crossroads of the most important trading routes of Ancient Greece. With the right leader (a.k.a. you) this city won’t need a strong army or skillful diplomats, it simply can buy all of it! Even the whole of Ancient Greece and Europe.

Corinth for IndieDB

Or would you prefer building a prosperous city-state and persuade the neighbors to form an alliance? Athens is your choice! A special set of technologies allow Athens to perfect the skill of diplomacy. Wealth might be a powerful thing, but Athens has just the right leverage to make any neighbor more agreeable!


Are you more of a militaristic leader? Sparta will be honored to have you as their ruler! Instill the iron discipline among the citizens of Sparta and harvest the fruits of your efforts when the whole of Ancient Greece and Europe will kneel in front of the most powerful and loyal army.

Sparta For IndieDB


  • Experience Ancient Greece from the POV of 3 different cities – Athens, Sparta, or Corinth;
  • Overcome ten real historical challenges, from the Dorian Invasion to the Unification of Europe!
  • Wisely manage your resources to make the most of them!
  • Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate — Marble Age is a bite-sized 4X strategy, available for nearly any PC!

Athens Tech tree

Tech requirements:

  • OS — Windows 7 and above
  • CPU — 2Ghz
  • Graphics card — DirectX 10
  • RAM — 2MB
  • Storage — 300MB+


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