Chrome OS could get a dark mode soon

Dark mode has been one of the most popular features on mobile devices in recent years. After Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS, Chrome OS could finally be getting a system-wide dark mode soon. While the OS uses a light theme by default, it already has random dark dark elements, which includes the launcher and the shelf. The latest development comes from Android Police that reports the feature was spotted recently in the Chrome OS Canary channel.

To recall, Google tried to bring dark mode to Chrome OS but it couldn’t. For the unaware, Google introduced a flag in Chrome 78, which forced web content to use a dark theme on all platforms including Windows, Android, and macOS, but enabling it on Chrome OS caused webpages to crash. Plus, the file manager, and Chrome OS Settings page failed to load. You couldn’t revert the flag to default and access your files. Hence, the dark mode on Chrome OS was implemented back then, and Google promptly pulled the flag out in a hotfix update. However, the company might finally roll out dark mode on Chrome OS soon.

How to enable dark mode on Chrome OS?

To enable dark mode on Chrome OS, you need to copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and chrome://flags/#enable-webui-dark-mode as the URL. In the web page, you’ll be required to enable both flags from the drop-down menu. Further, to make Chrome OS darker, you can enable chrome://flags/#dark-light-mode.

As a result, the system apps as well as the browser will transform into a near-black color that suites the theme. While some UI elements are still not themed, the report says that the new theme looks a lot more polished than when it briefly appeared about a year ago.

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