‘Gears 5’ Xbox Series X update brings Dave Bautista to the story mode

The Xbox Series X and S update to Gears 5 won’t just make the game prettier — it’ll also put a familiar face in more places. The Coalition told IGN in an interview that the game will give you the option of swapping in Dave Bautista (or rather, his WWE persona Batista) as Marcus Fenix during the single-player campaign. Until now, the actor and wrestler was limited to multiplayer. Of course, you can stick to the original appearance if you can’t imagine anyone but John DiMaggio in the role.

Yes, there will be changes to the game itself. The New Game+ mode carries over existing Jack upgrades, adds new skins and introduces “mutators” (think big head mode), but also introduces two new extra-tough difficulty modes. Inconceivable is a ‘classic’ approach to added difficulty, while Ironman is a one-life mode that could keep you on edge the entire time.

Competitive multiplayer also has some tweaks. Your class is no longer tied to your character, so you’re free to use anyone regardless of your play style. You should also see more thematic elements in each Operation (major update).

You might be aware of the technical improvements for the Series X and S, which includes higher overall texture quality and frame rates up to 120FPS. Xbox One players won’t get to opt out of playing against users with newer consoles, but you won’t necessarily be at a disadvantage. The Coalition told IGN that it was improving the latency for the Xbox One version of the game to minimize differences.

All of the content updates are coming to the existing consoles. You won’t have to upgrade your hardware to keep the game fresh, then, even if there’s a clear incentive to do so.

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