Windows compatibility layer Wine 5.20 development release is out now

Breaking down barriers towards closer Windows compatibility, the Wine compatibility layer team have released the Wine 5.20 development release along with new features and fixes.

Need to know what Wine is? Here’s our quick primer: it’s a constantly improving compatibility layer that allows the running of Windows-only applications and games on Linux and other operating systems. It’s one of the driving forces behind Steam Play Proton. Helping you to get whatever you need done on Linux, or perhaps so you don’t have to give up that favourite game.

Here’s the highlights:

  • More work on the DSS cryptographic provider.
  • A number of fixes for windowless RichEdit.
  • Support for FLS callbacks.
  • Window resizing in the new console host.

On top of that the usual assortment of bug fixes are here, with 36 getting the tick this time around. Some old solved in previous releases, some newer. These include: Metro Exodus, PS Remote Play, The Sims Complete Collection, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Saints Row 2 and lots more games seeing fixes across a few releases now being found to work better.

See the full release notes for Wine 5.20 here.

If you need help running multiple Wine versions, Lutris is good for that. You can also get help in our Forum any time.

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