News: The Medium explains Dual Reality system in latest video

Bloober Team has released a new video explaining upcoming supernatural adventure The Medium‘s Dual Reality gameplay ahead of its release later this year.

Playing as Marianne—the Medium of the title—means you’ll be able to access both the physical and the spirit realm as you traverse the game and solve puzzles, and in some cases you’ll be in both at the same time. As the video explains, in some sections you’ll have control of Marianne’s avatars across the two planes of reality, with your actions in one sometimes effecting the world of the other.

The fact the game is rendering two environments and letting you explore them at the same time goes some way to explain Bloober Team’s comments from earlier in the year where they said The Medium wouldn’t be possible on current gen consoles. Will this mechanic translate into a great game? We’ll have to wait until December 10 to find out when The Medium releases on Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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