Learn to build your studio’s brand from Kitfox’s Victoria Tran

Kitfox Games communications director Victoria Tran has been a driving force for helping the small indie studio launch and hype games like Lucifer Within Us and Boyfriend Dungeon. Now, she wants to help you market your games by defining your studio identity in her December 3rd GDC Masterclass.

In her tight-knit all day seminar, Tran will be teaching you advanced strategies for marketing indie games, in order to help you stand out in an incredibly competitive market. This class will be an all-day opportunity to sit down with one of indie games’ incredibly talented marketers, in a class where your questions will be immediately answered with expert insight.

What lessons will you be taking away from Tran’s class? Well here’s a few that might help sell your next game:

  • Learn how to analyze and communicate your game’s value to consumers and their behaviors.
  • Define your studio’s strengths and limitations, core competencies, and key success factors.
  • Create your studio’s brand image based off of game projects and values.
  • Adjust to the changes in marketing and community strategies between new and established game projects.
  • Adapt to emerging opportunities and create a brand voice.
  • Learn more about ethical marketing and social media practices.

It’s one thing to read a list of great marketing tips, it’s another to have them expertly taught to you by an expert communicator who can tailor her lessons to your particular needs.

This is your chance to improve your studio’s chances for commercial success! But there are a limited number of seats for Tran’s class. Make sure to secure yours before it’s too late.

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