NBA 2K21 adds unskippable ads to loading screens

2K Sports introduces new monetization method to latest basketball title weeks after launch

A month after launch, Take-Two has patched in unskippable advertisements for third-party products into NBA 2K21, according to Stevivor.

The site has uploaded a pair of videos to YouTube showing ads for the Oculus Quest that appear during loading screens of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of NBA 2K21 when players start a game.

The ads are appearing some six weeks after the game’s initial launch on September 4.

Fellow sports game publisher Electronic Arts did something similar with its UFC 4 last month when several weeks after launch, the publisher began flashing ads for Amazon’s video series The Boys over the instant replays in fights.

In that case, EA responded to criticisms by saying it was “abundantly clear” people did not like the ad integration, so it pulled the ads from replays and said it wouldn’t bring them back in the future.

A 2K Sports representative did not immediately return a request for comment.

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