‘Hero Hours Contract’ Fights For Union Rights for Magical Girls

Hero Hours Contract sees you striving to improve the lives of some heroic Magical Girls by fighting to become unionized, ensuring you can all make a decent living through saving the world.

Being a Magical Girl and saving the day from zombies and whatnot feels great, but the pay is kinda lousy. That’s a shame, as you’re doing vital work keeping people safe, so it’s up to you to demand better pay, benefits, and more. Although asking for better working conditions might be a bit challenging, what with everything trying to kill you.

Hero Hours Contract

“Trying” is the operative word, there. As a Magical Girl, you’re far too powerful to be hurt by any of the enemies coming your way. This may take some stress off of you, but you still have to focus on doing your task as quickly and effectively as possible. The better the job you do, the more bargaining power you have when trying to get benefits and put that union together. Some clever foes will try to trip you up and make you look bad, though, so be strategic even though you’re unkillable.

Hero Hours Contract is a clever take on strategy games, encouraging you play well even if you can’t fail by dying. With some cute benefits from making friends (you grow in power through companionship) and a lighthearted, but important look at the importance of workers’ unions, it’s a powerfully charming game that I really should have tried out sooner.

Hero Hours Contract is available now on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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