‘Hot Seagulls in Your Area’ Harnesses Bird Smooching Powers

Hot Seagulls in Your Area has you helping a beautiful, strong person in their quest to see birds kiss. All of them. This sure is a weird request from a fiend.

You’re pretty tough, but you wish you could be stronger. Luckily, you’ve found The Whistle of Ultimate Power in the sand, and have called up a hellish buddy to grant your wish. They just have a bit of an odd request for you first. They want you to get all of the birds on the boardwalk to smooch one another. Getting incredible power while helping birds find love (or at least a decent makeout session) seems like a pretty good deal, so it’s time to get to work.

Hot Seagulls in Your Area

Bird kissing is a little bit clumsier and messier than I originally imagined, involving some QWOP-like play as you try to sync up those roaming tongues and avoid the flapping wings. Don’t just mash any two birds together as you explore, either. Each bird has a deep backstory and personality (sorta), so you can work on matching up a really good pair. Maybe this will be the start of something really special? You can also help them out by applying some makeup first so they look good on their impromptu dates. Hopefully you’re not too clumsy at applying it, although I don’t think the birds care all that much.

Hot Seagulls in Your Area is delightfully ridiculous, and not just because I can’t help trying to imagine what it would look like to try to get birds to kiss in real life.

Hot Seagulls in Your Area is available now on itch.io.

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