Xiaomi, Samsung may make a smartphone that acts like a remote – Times of India

Xiaomi may be working on a smartphone that can control a variety of gadgets like a remote control does, as per a report by GSMArena. The Chinese manufacturer may make a smartphone like this with the help of the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology. The report is based upon a demonstration video by Xiaomi that was uploaded to Weibo.
As per the report, the UWB technology can calculate “the distance and the relative position” between the devices. The technology is reportedly present in Xiaomi Mi 10 5G and some other smartphones too. Samsung too has it, as per the report.
According to the report, with the help of the direction tracking, the phone can be taught to recognise a particular gadget when you point it at them. Then, a control window for that particular device pops up on the smartphone screen with options like an on/off switch, playback options for speakers and more detailed options in case of a smart TV.
The report says that the direction data is accurate “within +/- 3 degrees.” This is pretty much how a remote works, though it is not that multipurpose and will be device-specific.
The report says that the UWB technology can also be used to unlock/lock the door of your home or car also.
As per a Samsung blog, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies “ lack the accuracy, positioning capabilities and radio frequency security available with UWB. Most wireless connectivity technologies can technically provide ranging, but UWB’s performance is far superior.”

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