The best Amazon Prime Day Phone Deals – Samsung, OnePlus and more

In the alternate timeline we’re living in at the moment, new smartphone season is going massive in October.

Normally, things are a little more spaced out with new iPhones in September, Google in October and some sneaky surprises later in Autumn from the likes of Huawei and OnePlus.

But this time, they’re all happening in this, the spookiest of months, giving this deals writer the fright of his life that he may not see the light of day again for the rest of this year!

I digress, new phones are great, but budgets are tight at the moment. Which is why Amazon Prime Day phone deals are so much more tempting. We’re talking some of the best smartphones of the past year or two for seriously good prices. Here are our personal picks…

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And don’t forget! To get any of these deals, you need Amazon Prime. Get a free thirty-day trial here.

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