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More classics continuing to live on?! Yes please, thanks to the power of open source and dedicated fans The Elder Scrolls: Arena has a modern game engine that continues maturing. You can download the original free for the data files, thanks to Bethesda releasing it free some time ago so it makes it quite easy to get going with OpenTESArena.

The main developer has announced a new release with OpenTESArena 0.12.0 and it comes with some big new features nicely hooked up including:

  • Wandering citizens in cities and wilderness. They idle if the player’s weapon is sheathed
  • Puddle reflections
  • Voice in cinematics (only available in CD version)
  • City entrance jingle
  • Music library system supporting custom MIDI filenames in data/audio/MusicDefinitions.txt
  • Entity animation system redesign
  • Texture manager improvements and initial work on texture instance manager for runtime-generated textures
  • Fonts use less memory and are less dependent on SDL2
  • Added previously-unused OverSnow music to snow weather playlist
  • Fixed final boss display name (was “TODO”)

Check out their release video too:

While it’s another great attempt at game preservation, it’s worth noting this particular project is still quite early on overall. You can find the current status on the Wiki, which shows it’s still missing a lot of actual gameplay elements currently.

You can find it and all the instructions up on GitHub.

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