Razer’s Blade Stealth gets an 11th-gen Intel CPU and OLED display option

I bought my brother a razor blade laptop in 2016. 13 months into ownership, (so 1 month out of warranty) the battery bulged out of nowhere, bent the bottom case and even stripped the screw holes on the attachment point on the bottom.

Emailed razer and asked about purchasing a new battery and new bottom case.

Razer’s response: “you’ll have to send us the laptop and pay a non refundable $85 diagnostic fee.”

Me: “but I just want to order two parts to repair it myself. Can you at least tell me how much it will cost to have those two parts replaced if I send it in?”

Razer: “Any case damage will be an automatic $600 repair, plus the $85 diagnostic fee and return shipping fee.”

I’ve been forced to buy batteries on amazon from no name Chinese companies that have bulged twice now, huge safety issue. I was able to bend the bottom case back in the machine shop I have access too, and was lucky to find some tiny screws that were slightly larger that could bite into the now stripped screw holes. All to get a couple more years out of a $2800 laptop.

I will never buy another razer product as long as I live.

People make comments about “paying the Apple tax” but I’ve got a 2010 15” MacBook Pro that I handed down to my neighbor’s teenage daughter 2 years ago (with a $100 ssd upgrade), and my 2011 MacBook Air is still going strong as well.

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