Campgrounds V – Review

In this fifth installment of the fan-favorite Campgrounds series, Addie is in need of a vacation, but how could she leave her campgrounds lonely? She enlisted her trusted friend Tom to help look over the campsites while she’s away, but as a newbie, is Tom up to the task?

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Like all the previous games in the series, Campgrounds V is not as much a resource-management game as it is a builder game. The game mechanics remind me of iconic classics like Royal Envoy, with minimal resource- collecting and more station-building. Yes, you still need plenty of resources in order to build stations. However, these resources can be collected both by sending your generous supply of workers to collect them manually or ordering them in bulks from previously-built stations.

The campsite, back-to-nature theme in Campgrounds V is still as delightful as ever. The colorful hand-drawn graphics are complemented by melodic music, giving the game a casual, relaxing vibe. The game’s chill atmosphere is emphasized by its easy-going gameplay. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the game offers zero challenge, as the challenge level definitely increases as the game progresses. In contrast, its well-designed, carefully-thought-out levels mean that the game rarely feels hectic, even if it requires a good deal of strategic planning.

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Campgrounds V features 50 levels, which can be played in four different modes (Untimed, Easy, Normal, and Hard). While the game is a little slow in the beginning, once it really kicks off, there is not one boring moment. Nonetheless, it doesn’t offer much beyond what was established in its predecessors.

In the Collector’s Edition, there are 20 bonus levels, smartly-hidden map pieces, 6 secret levels, achievements, and of course, a strategy guide. The game offers many hours of comfortably-paced gameplay, which makes it very well worth its premium price tag.

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Campgrounds V is predictable, yet fun – a true crowd-pleaser.

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