WRUP: Some new wrestlers, some better wrestlers

WRUP: Some new wrestlers, some better wrestlers

John Cee-Clamp-A: He’s exactly like John Cena, but he has lobster arms instead of people arms. Signature hold is the “Clamp You With The Claws, Bucky Boy.” Signature drink is a Coke with a splash of hot sauce.

Koshiko: She is a normal Japanese salarywoman carrying a handgun. Signature hold is the “Don’t Move, I Have A Handgun.” It’s just a kayfabe shooting using real bullets. Signature drink is something from Osaka. Signature bird is the Japanese Pheasant.

Gas Station McCree: During one lonely night working at a gas station, McCree was struck by lightning at the same time he got attacked by a chupacabre, a werewolf, and Calista Flockhart. He thus became infused with the spirit of a dragon and he still has to work at the crummy gas station. Signature hold is the “Freedom Bird.” Signature bird is the titmouse. Hehe. Titmouse. It’s a funny name.

Liu Gohxiau: An absolutely normal panda bear. With a handgun. It’s taped to the bear’s back. Try to get the gun from the bear. Signature bird is the owl.

Signature Bird: You’re gonna sign that bird (yeah yeah you’re gonna sign a bird)
You’re gonna siiiiiiiiign that bird
You’re gonna sign that bird (yeah yeah you’re gonna sign a bird)
You’re gonna siiiiiiiiign Reginald’s leg cast

A bird: A bird! A bird! A bird! A BIRD!

Something something this corner one fall What Are You Playing elocution something something.

Bonus question: If you could speak any one language fluently you do not presently speak at all, what would you pick and why?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Saturday is Caturday, as Pokemon Go is doing some special research tasks for the three kinds of Meowths we have in-game. Also gotta work on my Animal Crossing Halloween decorations. I did complete my virindi costume though, so Asheron’s Call fans should check my twitter if they’re curious about it.

Oh man, my background is in linguistics, but my first thought is Mandarin. I have so many friends who speak it but weirdly don’t try hard to teach it, which makes it a million times harder to learn outside of class. More so than Japanese in my opinion. And that’s the other reason: it would make it easier to learn/retain my Japanese. Oh, and I’ve never learned a tonal language, so there’s that. But American Sign Language is a close second.

Andy McAdams: I’ll be putzing around in World of Warcraft, Baldur’s Gate 3, Fire Emblem Three Houses, and Minecraft over the weekend. There’s not much going on in WoW at the moment while we wait for pre-patch, but next week I’ll probably pivot back and level up a new character in the new leveling experience.

Bonus Question: Irish/Scottish Gaelic. I’m very Irish and very Scottish, and I love the way the language sounds. I even tried to learn it on Duolingo but it was rough to suss out the pronunciation rules.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ll definitely be in at least Star Wars Galaxies Legends this weekend. I’m going to attempt a big restock because my fall is about to get crazy busy.

Chinese for me. I’ve studied a bunch of languages, but I never got to Chinese and I regret it.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): There will be a lot of Genshin Impact in my immediate future along with a bunch more of my new favorite pastime in City of Heroes Homecoming. That seems like the bulk of my gaming plans the next few days.

Oh man, there are so many languages I’d love to be fluent in! My first pick would obviously be Greek for my heritage, but I would also love to be fluent in Welsh as a nod to my family-in-law or Japanese purely because I’ve always wanted to learn it ever since I was a wolf pup.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Well, everything launches next week. Final Fantasy XIV still has some reconstruction to do, though, so I’ll definitely be doing stuff in there. I’ve also got a couple other projects ahead of next week’s patch onslaught.

The obvious answer would be Japanese (I’m not fluent in French, but I speak enough that I disqualified myself from the bonus.), but I’d really love to be able to speak Spanish. Hey, that means a whole new aspect of communication with a lot of people in the US! Plus, it’s a lovely language.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): This is going to be a recovery weekend for me, as every week and weekend for the last 2 months has been stressful and overscheduled, as well as stressfully overscheduled. Last weekend was a traveling weekend, spent with my sick mama. This weekend, I am doing neither jack nor… stuff. I downloaded DC Universe Online for the very first time, so I will check that out. I will undoubtedly play more Rimworld. I am iffy on Black Desert right now, so I might check into Phantasy Star Online 2 instead. That’s what I have in mind anyway.

I am a bit of a language nerd, so I had to really think hard about which language to pick. There are so many languages I am interested in. If I were just going to suddenly be fluent without devoting time and energy to study, I would say Korean. I have played a lot of games out of Korea over the last two decades (more or less), and I have been frustrated by my inability to read or understand Korean to be able to enjoy the announcements of the neat new features coming down the pike. Runners up would be Mandarin Chinese, Bulgarian, and maybe Georgian, all for different reasons.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’ve been playing a little bit of Vendetta Online. Mostly though I’m still trying to wrap up Hollow Knight. I’ve avoided looking up any walkthroughs, so I don’t know how close I am to the end, but it feels like it’s close.

I think I might like to learn Japanese. I watch so much anime I think it’d be cool to understand it in its original language.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’m starting a month-long spree of Ravenloft D&D sessions this weekend. For video games, I was considering starting up Call of Cthulhu.

Bonus question: Does it need to be a real world language? If not, Elvish. Otherwise, maybe German? I always liked the sound of it. Or maybe Finnish or another Nordic tongue to reconnect with my roots.

Pierre, patron: The road to platinum trophy in The Last of Us Remastered is a long long one, but I still enjoy playing this game, even if I know the story by heart. I found some new games to play, or should I say some old games. One of them is the Tomb Raider reboot from 2013, as I never finished it. I played something like 50% of the game. Hopefully, I will manage to go to the end this time. Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition is my RPG of choice at this very moment. I never went very far in this game, and I don’t understand why as it’s an excellent RPG. Another one I’ll try to finish this time.

Bonus question: I’d really enjoy speaking Russian fluently. It’s the most beautiful language I’ve ever heard, in terms of musicality. I’ve studied the language for two years as a third foreign language (English and Spanish are the other two I learned at school), but it was so many years ago and I didn’t practice since. Practice is the key to speaking any language fluently. I think the Russian language is beautiful and very musical as it exploits the whole spectrum of acoustic frequencies the human ear can perceive. French on the other hand is one of the poorest in terms of acoustic spectral range, probably the reason why so many French people have difficulties learning foreign languages. But enough with these technicalities. What are you up to this weekend MOP readers? Let us know in the comments

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