Try out the demo for the action-RPG ‘Skellboy Refractured’ – it’s super charming

Skellboy Refractured is the upcoming action-RPG from UmaikiGames, originally released just as Skellboy for the Nintendo Switch – it’s getting a desktop release soon.

You play as Skippy, the square, flexible skeleton in this sweet action-RPG, to keep a heartbroken court magician from destroying the world with his army of monsters and undead. As you play through you get to swap body parts with those of slain enemies and friends to become the hero of Cubold Kingdom. It’s genuinely charming and it has such a great visual style that we’ve been excited over this for some time.

So what’s actually going to be different for the Linux, macOS and Windows version with Skellboy Refractured compared with the Switch version released earlier this year? Quite a lot actually including:

  • Co-Op multiplayer.
  • Randomized Dungeon.
  • New Game+ featuring new enemies, Items and Bosses.
  • 20+ Body Parts with unique effects.
  • Lots and lots of gameplay improvements.

You can see their original trailer below to get an idea of what it’s like:

The flat pixel-art character design, blended in with a 3D actually looks brilliant.

With the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition going on, the team at UmaikiGames recently updated the demo with Linux support too! The demo should be available until the event ends on Tuesday, October 13.

If you wish to try it out head over to the Skellboy Refractured Steam page.

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