Spaceship base-building colony simulator ‘Stardeus’ announced with Linux support

Kodo Linija (Bloody Rally Show) have announced their next game with Stardeus, a spaceship base-building colony sim that will arrive with Linux support in 2021.

In Stardeus the future of the rest of humanity is solely in your hands. The Earth has been destroyed and what little of humanity survived are asleep on a big spaceship. However, the ship has been torn to pieces and the ship AI loads your neural network into the system – it’s up to you to keep the remains of humanity alive.

Sounds like it’s going to be a mix of titles like Space Haven, Starmancer and a little RimWorld too.

The developer reached out to use here at GOL to let us know about it, mentioning how it will have “the same level of Linux support as Bloody Rally Show does”. While it’s currently under active development there’s a lot of features and content that’s already hooked up including: a needs-based AI (they said to think like The Sims and RimWorld), a totally sandbox environment where everything can be destroyed and built with, an advanced oxygen and temperature exchange simulation, electricity grid simulation, full and expansive modding support, gamepad support and low system requirements needed.

While all that sounds quite interesting, their wider goals and very ambitious. Plans include adding in customization for the human, robots and drones plus different scenarios play through, a survival mode, backstory generation, advanced space travel, the ability to land on planets, asteroid mining, setting up outposts on planets, different types of RimWorld-styled AI story tellers and a whole lot more.

The style definitely seems familiar if you’ve played likes of Prison Architect and RimWorld, this simple but pleasing 2D style makes it certainly a lot easier to make advanced features compared with full 3D.

Kodo Linija is made up of a single developer, Tomas Varaneckas from Vilnius, Lithuania. For Stardeus they’re developing it live on Twitch which you can see here.

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