My COD Experience

I am currently 15 years old and I started playing video games at age 3. I started off with the original mario for the NES, my family at the time didn’t have the money to get the fancy game consoles, but when I started kindergarten at age 5 my dad decided to buy a ps3 and with that he bought our first COD game, World at War. I played this game and became great at fps shooters and I watched the genre and the COD franchise turn into what it is today, But as I reflect on the series and how it has evolved. I play the new games after getting my PC, I have realized that COD has changed since I started playing 10 years ago. This makes me feel like a boomer every time I play COD. With the BR game Warzone I have noticed that the gun play is different than it once was. So I am hopeful that the BO:CW will be as great as the first BO game. If the new game isn’t as good as COD once was I consider this franchise ended.

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