High-speed precision platformer ‘RITE’ adds Linux support in a post-release update

Ready for a fresh challenge? Conquered Celeste and want something more? Take a look at the high-speed precision platformer RITE which is now supported on Linux.

“RITE is a high-speed precision platformer where you must conquer a series of demanding trials,a rite of passage for every Nim. Find the key and reach the exit to move on to the next trial, and maybe collect some gold along the way. Who knows, they could prove valuable to those who like a brutal challenge…”

A game that doesn’t shy away from how challenging it is, with some pretty lush looking pixel-art spread across 160 carefully crafted levels it looks quite excellent. Check out the trailer below:

RITE was developed by pond games, a “team-of-one” studio based in Adelaide, Australia. RITE was a finalist in the 2020 Australian Game Developer Awards, so you know it’s good if it manages to get right up to the top. It actually won in the Music and Best Emerging Game categories.

You can buy RITE on Steam.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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