Apple working on embedding sensors behind a display, resulting in smaller bezels

I agree and I don’t. There so much talk about bezels and notches and chins in phones, and I usually think, “who gives a fuck?” But I just bought an XPS 15 last month, my first new computer in 5 years, and that giant16:10 screen and razor thin bezel really feels fucking nice. Does it make it perform any better? No, but it does make it feel like a sleek, modern, premium product. And it makes my old laptop feel ancient in comparison.

So why does that matter? Your average consumer doesn’t know shit about specs, other than maybe some basic brand names or how much storage they want, if that. When all of these new laptops are sitting on the shelves, it’s the cool, modern designs that draw people, especially those willing to drop Apple money. So this is as much about marketing as it is innovation.

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