Amazon released ‘The Boys’ season two finale a few hours early

What’s better for streaming — a full-season release that you can binge immediately, or a weekly episode drip feed that draws things out for a few months? Amazon and Netflix have been switching things up with their original content releases lately, and Amazon chose the latter strategy for season two of its anti-super hero series The Boys.

The season finale episode was scheduled for release at midnight PT tonight, but instead the streamer pulled a Jack Ryan (and The Expanse) and posted it a few hours early. Episode eight of season two is available now, just after the cast jumped on a group video call for a New York Comic-Con panel that you can watch below. Whatever happens in the episode, a third season was ordered before season two even aired, and there’s apparently a spinoff series on the way too. And if you prefer thing a bit more sci-fi, then Amazon also released a new trailer for season five of The Expanse, which is scheduled to begin on December 16th.

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