System76 continue improving Pop!_OS with fractional scaling now live

Pop!_OS is the Linux distribution based on Ubuntu from hardware vendor System76, and they continue making the experience super-slick with new features.

Following on from the seriously cool auto-tiling stacks, they’ve now added in another major post-release feature. Something that users of 4K screens will enjoy, which is fractional display scaling. If you’re on Pop!_OS, all you need to do is check for upgrades your usual way and you will get it. This enables you to scale up your desktop display to a few different points if you find things a little too small.

You will find the new options in the Displays menu in the settings as shown below (click to enlarge):

As the screenshot above notes, doing so may cause a little extra power use and possibly be less clear due to the way scaling is done. Hopefully over time such things can be improved upon.

You can learn more about the Pop!_OS Linux distribution on the official site.

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