Paint the Town Red has a major update out with the price to rise really soon

First person melee combat game Paint the Town Red just recently had a huge tech upgrade release, and they’ve announced the price will be rising.

Never played it? It’s a pretty ridiculous game and highly entertaining. Spread across various scenarios you get to engage in highly chaotic brawls. Run through a bar picking up stools and throwing them at people, run onto the stage at a disco and chuck a throwing star at the DJ and so much more – it’s insane.

With the latest update out new it moved from Unity 2018.4 to 2019.4, which keeps their platform support nicely up to date. As a result of that on the Linux side, they’ve dropped 32bit support so it’s now 64bit only going forwards. Not really an issue though. Performance was a big focus for them too as they’ve added in a new asynchronous asset loading system, a new voxel mesh and skinning system, new lightmapping system used for Scenarios, it should load faster across the board, better pathfinding, better sound occlusion and lots more tech upgrades like that.

Currently priced at $14.99, they’ve also announced on Friday October 9, it will be increasing to $19.99 which will be their post-Early Access price. Due to the timing it won’t be in the next Steam sale but they said to expect at least 2 discounts on that higher price before the end of the year.

They haven’t actually announced the full release date yet though but they expect to be “content locked” for 1.0 in early November. After 1.0 is release they plan to work on new content and features for their Level Editor and they will be planning future upgrades too.

You can buy Paint the Town Red on Humble Store and Steam.

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