News: Fall Guys Season Two cites classic CBBC show Raven among its influences

Fall Guys is gearing up to launch its second season later this week, and the developers have been showcasing more of what we can expect in the medieval-themed content when it drops and revealing some interesting inspirations for many British children who grew up in the naughties.

Speaking in a fascinating interview with IGN, lead game designer Joe Walsh revealed that, while the original season and core game concept was inspired by international game shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout, new game Knight Fever looked a little closer to home: “This TV show called Raven that (…) had this thing called The Way Of The Warrior, where the person who was rubbish at Raven would get a go at completing this obstacle course in order to qualify. For those who don’t know, it’s a kids’ TV show with a high fantasy style and an amazing Scottish host. It’s just a great obstacle course with some really scary-looking obstacles.”

Walsh and junior level designer Joseph ‘JJ’ Juson also cited 1995 movie First Knight that starred Richard Gere and Sean Connery as another inspiration for Knight Fever, saying “He (Gere) goes through this epic swinging obstacle course of swinging scythes and that was in our brains, like, ‘That’s pretty good. We should probably use that.'” Those two foundations helped them create Knight Fever — a 60 person race level that sees players racing to the finish while avoiding scythes, crossing rolling spiked logs and avoiding a huge swinging log known as Thicc Bonkus.

It’s also interesting to note during the interview that the team are already ensuring that they’re able to plan remixing the new content in the future—similar to the mid-season update did for the previous season—with Juson saying: “One of the things we’re thinking about when we’re making our levels now, which is different, is how we’re going to remix this more down the line. We know exactly how the system works and we know what’s fun. We know what people like. I think the thrill of it is those surprises, moments that you didn’t expect to see in this level because you know it so well. So we definitely want to keep this level fresh – we’re leaving these sections, giving them more space to be able to play with in the future”

You can check out a video of Knight Fever, care of IGN, below. Season Two for Fall Guys launches on PC and PlayStation 4 from Thursday, October 8.

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