New iPad Air benchmark test reveals increased RAM

Apple is usually fairly forthcoming about the specs of its new devices, but two details that it almost never shares are the amount of RAM and the battery size of its new phones and tablets. We normally get those details from benchmark tests, and that’s the case again with the new iPad Air.

The new iPad Air comes with 4GB of RAM, according to a Geekbench test (via MacRumors). That’s 1GB more than the previous generation iPad Air, but its still a good bit less than the 6GB of RAM included in Apple’s latest iPad Pro models.

There’s still no word on the size of the new iPad Air’s battery, but that information will likely come out following the tablet’s launch later this month.

This benchmark report did spill performance scores for the new iPad Air and its A14 Bionic chipset. It put up a single-core score of 1583 and a multi-core score of 4198, both of which are up from the single-core score of 1112 and multi-core score of 2832 that the previous generation iPad Air and is A12 Bionic chipset managed.

All of these numbers won’t really matter to most people buying Apple’s new iPad Air, but it is still interesting to get spec details on the tablet that Apple won’t share itself. With its updated design, Touch ID power button, A14 Bionic processor, and USB-C port, the new iPad Air was already looking like a great upgrade, but now we know it’s even better because it’s got more RAM.

The new iPad Air will officially launch in October.

iPad Air 2020 benchmark

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