Ghost of Tsushima’s multiplayer Legends mode will arrive to PS4 players on October 16

Ghost of Tsushima’s multiplayer Legends mode will arrive to PS4 players on October 16

The spectacular single-player adventure of Ghost of Tsushima would be a lot better with other people around, but I suppose we’re all going to have to settle for a lack of co-op in lieu of a completely unique and separate four-person multiplayer mode where players get to fight against oni together. Oh woe. The mode is called Legends, and readers will recall that it was first revealed in August, but now fans have a significant number of new details including a launch date: Friday, October 16th.

Legends will have players pick from four different classes — samurai, ronin, hunter, and assassin (or essentially tank, healer, and two DPS respectively, though parties can be made up of any combination of classes) — and face off against foes in two-player story missions or four-player wave survival missions. There will also be a wide variety of unique charms, items, and cosmetics for players to earn, as well as a photo mode for screenshot wizards to use. Legends mode will even introduce a raid in the weeks after launch; it promises a three-part adventure that will require top gear and serious skill. Bear in mind, however, that players will need to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus in order to play Legends mode.

For those who don’t have PS Plus or don’t want to put up with this multiplayer stuff, update 1.1 will be introducing other features to the single-player campaign, including a New Game+ mode which will include unique new armor dyes and vanity gear, and the ability to save armor and charm loadouts. Naturally, though, we’re more interested in being samurai with friends.

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