Farmer Supreme offers a very different and super adorable take on the casual sim

Do you have what it takes to become Farmer Supreme? This isn’t another Stardew Valley, as Farmer Supreme offers up a genuinely unique looking take on the casual farming sim.

In a world where monsters, villains and heroes are the norm, heroes rise and kingdoms fall with children dreaming of becoming a hero. Not Maximus Abico or “Lil’ Max”, an orphan who has decided to find the last known survivor of a long line of great farmers to feed hungry townsfolk and perhaps become the last Farmer Supreme.

Currently in development by the newly formed Sombrero Cat, it’s been in development for around a year now as they mix together exploration, adventuring, puzzles and farming in a way that makes sense. Where it sets itself apart from other farming games is how you progress through adventuring and puzzle solving to gain new crops – it looks like an absolute genuine delight.

Take a look at the trailer below:

You don’t even use a water bucket, instead you squish a little friend who waters for you and you’re feeding a big Dolphin the walks on land called a ‘LandPhin’ who spits out gems (and apparently has a black hole for a stomach) — quirky would be a very apt description of Farmer Supreme and I must admit my feeling of pure joy at the end of that trailer as it shows off a mass of moving crops.

Multiple ways to play through, an open-world design with a non-linear story line, farming, exploration, puzzles, NPCs, mini-games and so much more. I can’t believe I only just found out about this today.

Not only does it look adorable and it will support Linux, it also seems that they’re using the FOSS game engine Godot Engine. Truly great to see more developers use it.

You can help fund it on the Kickstarter campaign which has an initial goal of $10,000.

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