Choice-driven horror adventure novel Scarlet Hollow funded in a single day on Kickstarter

After releasing the entire first episode free, Black Tabby Games now have Scarlet Hollow live on Kickstarter and it appears they’re onto quite a success.

Scarlet Hollow is a choice-driven horror adventure game and visual novel brought to life by critically acclaimed graphic novelist Abby Howard who is known for The Last Halloween, The Crossroads at Midnight, Junior Scientist Power Hour and more. Linux is a clearly confirmed platform for support.

Feature Highlight:

  • A heavily branching narrative where your choices matter. The relationships you forge and the decisions you make will dramatically alter your journey.
  • A complex relationship system that changes how characters act around you. Character’s don’t just like or dislike you. Become friendly rivals, bitter adversaries, best friends, or mild acquaintances based on how you approach the story.
  • Trait-based dialogue and role-playing. Scarlet Hollow’s dialogue system is driven by role-playing elements that let you choose who you want to be. Are you quiet and observant? Hot and clueless? Over a dozen different character builds change how you interact with the world and how your story unfolds.
  • Original monster designs. Every monster and supernatural being in the game is an original Abby Howard design– you won’t find any predictable vampires or zombies here.

If you wish to help fund it, you can find it on Kickstarter where they have until October 29 to continue gathering more funds. They do have multiple special stretch-goals to add new features and content based on how much funding they end up with.

You can also try the first episode free on and Steam.

Since it’s already been fully funded, we’ve added it to our dedicated crowdfunding page.

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