YouTube picture-in-picture working again in Safari browser on iOS 14

Following the launch of iOS 14, YouTube stopped working with picture-in-picture in the Safari browser. Fast-forward a couple of weeks, though, and it’s working once again.

iPhone owners can now point their Safari browser to YouTube’s website, begin watching a video, then put it in picture-in-picture mode and do other things on their phone while continuing to watch the video. The feature was spotted today by MacRumors and we’ve since confirmed it on our own iPhone running iOS 14.0.1.

Picture-in-picture is one of the highlight features of iOS 14. However, you need to pay for a YouTube Premium account to get the feature working in the actual YouTube app. You could get around this by watching YouTube videos in the Safari browser following the launch of iOS 14, but that feature was shortly removed.

Now it’s back, allowing you to watch YouTube videos in a small window while performing other tasks on your iPhone. You still can’t use picture-in-picture while watching videos in the YouTube app, but taking the extra step of pointing Safari at the YouTube site and then watching videos is probably worth it to get picture-in-picture working for the biggest video site around.

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