YouTube TV is losing Fox Regional Sports Networks on October 1

Earlier this year, YouTube TV nearly lost its Fox Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) because the two parties could reach a new distribution agreement. An extension deal was struck around a week later, but now YouTube TV says that it’s about to lose the channels again.

YouTube TV revealed today that the extension it struck to continue carrying Fox RSNs is expiring. The Fox RSNs will no longer be available on YouTube TV starting October 1 because the extension allowed YouTube TV to carry the channels through the end of the MLB, NHL, and NBA seasons. Those seasons are ending, and so YouTube TV is losing the channels.

If you’re impacted by this change, you’ll no longer have access to Library recordings from Fox RSNs starting October 1. Additionally, YouTube TV says that it will not offer reduced pricing due to the change.

YouTube TV subscribers impacted by this change will receive an email about it today.

Today’s news is likely pretty frustrating for sports fans who subscribe to YouTube TV. Not only did they nearly lose these Fox RSNs earlier this year, but the MLB and NBA playoffs are about to begin and so some people may miss those. YouTube TV does say that it’ll continue to negotiate for these networks, but for now, YouTube TV subscribers who care about sports may want to begin considering their options.

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