Steam’s next digital game festival takes aim at a single genre: digital tabletop games

Valve has announced its latest digital event: a week-long celebration of digital tabletop games and the developers that make them.

The Steam team has launched several digital events this year, but this latest iteration notably takes a more focused approach and aims to offer content relating only to one loose genre: tabletop-based or inspired games on Steam.

It’s not quite the same as the Steam Game Festivals the folks at Valve have used to highlight demos and fill the live event void this year however, though the spirit is somewhat the same.

While the various Steam Game Festivals have included limited-run demos in their offerings, the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest instead focuses on Let’s Plays, developer livestreams, and live panels centered around video games that overlap with tabletop games in some way.

According to Valve, that overlap could be anything from a tabletop game remade as a video game to games that are heavily inspired by the world of tabletop gaming. The goal here is to “[celebrate] games that cross between physical and digital” like Tharsis, Othercide, Gloomhaven, and more.

The lineup looks to be set in stone already, but developers curious about hearing dev stories from their tabletop favoring peers can find more info over on the event’s Steam page.

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