Overwatch team gives away Overwatch, shuts down promotion after too many people claim it

For a brief window earlier today, Overwatch was available for free – until too many people tried to claim it, that is. Overwatch League team Boston Uprising opened up what was intended for a small number of the team’s fans. Predictably, word spread quickly, and shortly after the invites began the team unceremoniously shut down the promotion.

The promotion page now says that “due to high demand, this form is closed. All eligible entries will receive codes within 72 hours.” The promotion was originally scheduled to last until January 15, 2021. I think we all could’ve predicted ‘high demand’ on a free giveaway of Overwatch, and with no apparent measures limiting the form’s spread, well… yeah. High demand.

“We’ve currently deactivated the form and do not know if and/or when it will return,” Boston Uprising community manager Matthew Shiflet says on the team’s official Discord server. Shiflet also says the intent of the promotion was to give new players without a copy of Overwatch an easier way to get into the game.

“Not sure anyone’s really done something like this before in the history of Overwatch, so it’s a learning experience for everyone, I’m sure,” Shiflet continues. His message on Twitter was much more simple.

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