Dirty Land

We have our trailer ready, and we put a ton of effort into it!

Three of us made it: myself, Dave, who recorded clips with OBS Studio, then edited them together with KDenLive (this was all done on Linux Ubuntu MATE). Igor Motuz, who created all the pixel art, and Beni.Maru, who made an original score and sound effects.

[embedded content]

Trailer Link: Youtube.com

Additionally, I built a little typewriter project in Godot Engine that allowed me to build automated text cards for the trailer – every letter gets hit with an animation tween, and plays a bunch of typewriter sounds at the right moments!

Trailer Typerwriter Dev

That reminds me, I need to upgrade to Godot 3.2.3, it just came out last week.

Anyways, about the game!

You’re Frank Marsh, and you’re a starting a new job at Pure Sky Properties!


Bad news: this is Chet, your infuriating manager.

Good news: you get to trash talk him all you like.

The Lead

One of your main tasks in Dirty Land is to close leads. Determining which one to close first, and how many to close, will impact the outcome of the game.

Closed a Deal

Closing a deal is always rewarding. But you’ll be working your way up to bigger deals than that!

Finally, we’ve launched crowdfunding on Kickstarter:

– Kickstarter.com

This is all just a proof-of-concept so far. We want to really flesh out the game and take it to the next level – the level it deserves! Hope to see you join us! After all, isn’t it your dream to be a real estate salesman? But not really have to actually be a real estate salesman? 😉

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