Ring made a security drone that flies around inside your home

No, they’re not. Please stop spreading misinformation:


A number of news articles have focused on Ring, Neighbors, and Ring’s partnerships with police. We know there is a lot of uncertainty out there, but we also believe that some of the coverage has carried misleading headlines, and we have attempted to sort, to the best of our knowledge, the facts and legitimate fears from inaccurate information.

In particular, some articles have asserted that by accepting a Ring camera from police, the new camera owners are granting the police access to their video footage—and further, that police have the ability to see who owns Ring cameras and precisely where they are located. We at Wirecutter spoke directly with Ring, as well as with some law enforcement partners, and received access to screenshots of the exclusive Ring software used by law enforcement, and we are able to confirm that those assertions are simply false.

No one at Ring, nor any police department, is allowed to access Ring videos or personal information unless device owners choose to share them via Neighbors. And even if you do post a video to the Neighbors app, your identity and your contact information remain anonymous. For law enforcement officials to access video from any Ring camera, they first need to get explicit permission from the camera’s owner, which they can request via a general post in the Neighbors app (which identifies the request as coming from police) or via an exclusive law enforcement portal that Ring handles. Owners can opt out of receiving requests by going into the Control Center in the Ring app, clicking on Video Requests, and disabling the feature. If you receive a request from law enforcement, there are three ways to respond: share all of your videos from a requested timeline, select specific videos from that timeline, or simply do nothing. Should you agree to share video, only then do police receive your contact information. (Wirecutter reviewed the actual email request form that Ring sends out. It alerts the user that agreeing to share video also includes supplying their email and street addresses.)

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