Amazon Takes On The Fitness World With New Halo Band And App

The health gadget industry has been growing quickly with more and more users discovering the benefits of wearing a fitness band. Fitness bands have risen in popularity thanks to their ability to monitor health vitals, track activity, and other helpful features.

Fitbit is among the most popular brands in the fitness band market, and other big players like Apple have incorporated fitness band features into their Apple Watch.

Amazon announced the Halo as their entry into the market, and it features some interesting new technology not seen on other competing devices.

While other bands might focus on sports or exercise activities, Amazon’s Halo has decided to target lifestyle wellness and making healthy changes in your day-to-day routine.

As with most other devices, the Halo Band tracks your cardio, sleep, ody fat, and similar statistics, but what makes the Halo Band different is that it also uses sophisticated new technology to track the tone of your voice. Amazon claims the software analyzes the pitch, intensity, rythem and tempo of your voice to evaluate your emotional state and reports back to you (via the app) with “notable moments” in your day that show how you were feeling at specific moments.

Amazon points out that the voice content is not stored nor transmitted to any servers so there is no security concern, but since this is a new feature to the industry it will take time to see whether users embrace this feature.

Another point differentiating the Halo Band from others in the industry is the lack of a screen. All information is displayed via the app on your phone. Some users might find this easier and more intuitive to use, since they are frequently checking their phone anyway.

The Halo Band also features advanced body scanning to track body fat. Using your smartphone it takes visual scans of your body and tracks your progress. One cool feature is that once your initial scan is complete, the app allows you to see what you will look like with less bodyfat via their modeling software.

The Halo Band will come in several styles and colors to suit any fashion, and will be offered starting at $99.99, with a montly subscription of $3.99 to access the most advanced features of the app. Time will tell whether Amazon’s bold strategy will hit the mark, or miss the beat.

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