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Mike Chi has just announced that his “TINKUltimate” Raspberry Pi hat is approaching it is finish of life (EOL).  He’ll nevertheless be supplying them on his net shop, but right after this stock runs out, they’ll no longer be manufactured: where-is-it

I have mixed feelings about this.  1st and foremost, the Ultimate provided a way for folks to get RGB, VGA, Element Video, S-Video and composite from their Pi, generating it by far the most versatile resolution for Pi customers.  Fortunately, there are options out there.

For RGB SCART customers, the RGB-Pi is an fantastic resolution and one particular that I’ve been praising due to the fact I initially tested the original prototype!  Their application is also some of the most effective I’ve tested and all round is a fantastic resolution for folks who opt for to emulate their games (I emulate arcade boards, but game on true consoles…to each and every their personal!).

Subsequent, there has been fairly a lot of progress in manipulating the Pi’s HDMI output.  We’re now in a position to output CRT-compatible 240p appropriate from the HDMI port, which means you can use a low cost HDMI to Element or HDMI to VGA box (plus sync combiner) to convert this HDMI signal into anything your RGB monitor or customer-grade Television will accept.  I’ve personally tested some of these boxes (hyperlinks beneath) and whilst I’d favor a direct “HDMI to SCART” cable, these boxes appear to function effectively and do not add any measurable lag to the signal.

So if you are searching for a multi-outputting Raspberry Pi hat, make confident to get an Ultimate whilst they’re nevertheless obtainable:  RetroTINK Ultimate


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