PSPlus sharing – effects of reversing subscription owner? : PlayStationPlus


For several years now, I have been PS+ subscription holder. I have set my brothers PS4 as my primary PS4, allowing him to game online ehile I can do the same on my PS4. Now I am married and my wife woild like to play online as well. As such, we thought we should switch who the subscription holder is. So my brother would have a PS+ subscription, with my PS4 as his primary, allowing me and my wife to play online. However, I am not sure if this would influence the games I can play on my PS4, or my brother could play on his PS4 (purchased through my account for discounts). And any PS Store money on my account I would like to transfer to his account (so he can again purchase games with discount). Is this all possible? Do i overlook adverse effects?


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