I have been attempting to obtain this Computer game for years, can you enable? : retrogaming



This has been solved! Yay! Its the journeyman project turbo

I have been attempting to find the name of this game that I had when I was a kid. My dad purchased me a personal computer. I think it was an IBM. There was a demo game. I feel it was on a disc. And it was pretty sophisticated compared to some of the other games that show up on google when I attempt tonsearch for it. It was produced to be in a futuristic virtually space like setting. You could go about and do various points on what appeared to be a spaceship. It wasn’t a pixelated game. It seemed type of ahead of its time, but I never ever got previous the demo so I could never ever finish the game. I feel you had to acquire the rest of it or some thing. I have been obsessing more than this game given that then. And I would appreciate to obtain it and play it if doable. Any thought what this game is? I am assuming it was amongst 1992 and 1996. I hope you all can enable me with this.

I will continue to edit this section if I try to remember much more about it

-initial particular person -demo only -I do not try to remember any other crew onboard -it was either a space ship or a colony/housing on an additional planet -there was a chair that closed about you that you could get in. It was pretty higher tech. I can not try to remember what it does although.