‘Hollow Cries’ Follows a Youngster Searching for Answers From Monstrous Beings


You will be joining a young youngster who has quite a few queries about life and what lies beyond. You could possibly not be thrilled with the forces they’ve selected to ask, although.

Hollow Cries sits you in a space with your queries and a Ouija board, hoping to get some answers and remedy your loneliness. The superior aspect is that, by utilizing the device, you will commence receiving some answers! The downside is that your curiosity is type of feeding the issue that is replying to you, and it is not content material to just sit on the other side of reality. It desires to come go to. Naturally, this will not go nicely for you.

Hollow Cries operates wonders with its premise, taking you on a disturbing journey from the comfort of your personal bed. You are in a position to glance about your space for answers about what your new, disturbing pal is up to, but the game options a distorted visual style that tends to make every thing appear a tiny bit off. It loans a bit of confusion and uncertainty to hunting about, and tends to make you wonder if you caught one thing scary moving just out of the corner of your eye. In truth, it feels like every thing is subtly moving with this impact, creating reality look like its in unsettling flux.

The payoff is some jarring scares that can come as a massive surprise, which is wonderful when you have a infant sleeping straight in the space more than your head. If you will need a rapid worry repair, Hollow Cries can make that perform for you.

Hollow Cries is obtainable now on itch.io.


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