Fallout 76’s Premium Members Are Becoming ‘Cyberbullied’


The planet has been *ahem* treated *ahem* to Fallout Very first, a premium subscription service that adds single-player components to Fallout 76. Naturally, players of the game are not precisely thrilled with the news from Bethesda, and now these who have been enjoying the service are having “cyberbullied.”

Folks who subscribe to Fallout Very first get rewarded with in-game goodies which set them apart from absolutely everyone else. Sadly, according to a Reddit post, these players are becoming “ganged up on.”

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Credit: Bethesda

“People are ganging up on Fallout 1st players in adventure mode and grieving any one with the icon lol,” writes Redditor jimmyjamesjr86.

The responses had been mixed, with lots of men and women jumping onto the thread to defend the apparent bullying.

Credit: Bethesda

One particular user writes: “Wearing that ranger armor has got to be like placing a sign on that says ‘I assistance Bethesda’s poor choices and spend them to abuse me.’ Glad they got private servers then.”

A different adds: “We practically created Appalachia a greater spot when we had been functioning with each other and seemingly rebuilding our virtual society. Now points have plunged into chaos due to distinctive ideologies about how 76 really should be handled. I guess it was only a matter of time exactly where we would go back to fighting each and every other. War in no way adjustments.”

Credit: Bethesda

The original poster declined to go into a lot a lot more detail about how the cyberbullying is taking type, top men and women to speculate about the information.

One particular commenter responded: “And…doing what, precisely? You can not hurt them with tickle harm any longer, you can not destroy their camps any longer, you can not rob them or something. Absolute worst they can do is spam sh*t more than voice/messaging, annoy you with explosives, or comply with you about attempting to kill enemies prior to you can tag them. All 3 can be simply avoided with a mute and a block, worst comes to worst possibly a server hop.”

Credit: Bethesda

On Twitter men and women have also been weighing in on the debate, with one particular user saying any one paying for the service “deserves” any hate they could possibly get on the net.

Bethesda has however to comment on the phenomenon.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda


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