Eight Dragons brings retro-inspired beat ‘up up action to you and a bunch of good friends


Eight Dragons? Does that imply it is like 4 instances as great as the classic Double Dragon? Asking the vital queries right here currently on GOL.

You may be capable to locate the answer to that your self, as the developer sent word to use on Twitter that their new beat ’em up that is at present in Early Access not too long ago added Linux assistance. Extend Mode have ported it more than from their in-property engine to Unity which has helped it be much more cross-platform.

Function Highlight:

  • Intense Multiplayer: Up to eight people today can play co-operatively on a single Computer, on a LAN or more than the net!
  • Straightforward Controls: There is a single fire button, but you can combine it with your movement to batter everyone about you!
  • Various Weapons: Use sledgehammers, axes, pool cues and much more to crush your enemies!
  • No Cutscenes: This game is from a much more civilized age, exactly where you did not drop your controller to watch a film halfway by way of the game. Either it takes place in the game or it does not occur.
  • Variable Troubles: You can adjust how challenging your enemies are, and how rapid the game runs.
  • Complete Controller Help: If it is an input device, it’ll operate with this game!
  • Various paths by way of the game: Select your characters to select your story!

More than the subsequent handful of weeks they are going to add macOS assistance, much more products to choose up and enhance your well being, much more props to choose up and throw about, level modifications and so on.

Come across it in Early Access on Steam now.

Write-up taken from GamingOnLinux.com.


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