“EarthNight” Ultimately Gets A Release Date For September


Cleaversoft announced this week that they will ultimately released their indie title EarthNight this year, as the game drops on December 3rd. We attempted the game out clear back at PAX East 2019 as you run all through the skies attempting to bring down highly effective dragons. But hunting at what it is now, we have to say, the look is a vast improvement more than the demo we had previously attempted out. Delight in the new trailer as EarthNight will come out on Computer, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

"EarthNight" Finally Gets A Release Date For September
Credit: Cleaversoft

Ever given that dragons overtook Earth, mankind has lived in exile on space colonies orbiting the planet. Regardless of getting faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, the unlikely duo—a sword-wielding freelance photographer and a young student blessed with ethereal superpowers—take it upon themselves to reclaim their property by skydiving by way of Earth’s atmosphere and striking back against the monsters under.

The two heroes method their dragon-slaying mission with drastically distinct techniques. Stanley’s highly effective legs let him to make each higher jumps and extended leaps, whilst Sydney favors agility by generating use of an air dash and double jump capability. Each heroes wield their bespoke capabilities to overcome hostile environments and push towards the vulnerable heads of their scaled serpentine foes.

Each EarthNight level functions procedurally-generated dragons with numerous exits and secrets rewarding exploration. Slaying dragons grants Sydney and Stanley rewards like dragon eggs and other mysterious objects that unlock highly effective upgrades. With the proper tools, the duo can topple even the toughest opponents whilst moving by way of stages at breakneck speeds.

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