EA Comes Back to Steam, Brings Subscription Service to Valve’s Platform


Appears like Valve nevertheless has some steam left in them (see what I did there?) as numerous large publishers have returned to their huge digital distribution platform more than the previous year. The most recent? EA, which will not only begin launching their titles on Steam (with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order top the charge), but will also bring EA Access to Valve‘s platform (beginning subsequent spring).

Here’s the complete announcement, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Electronic Arts and Valve have partnered to place EA games into the hands of the players on Steam. Beginning subsequent spring, EA Access—our ever-developing subscription service powered by wonderful games and member benefits—will be generating its way to Steam. EA Access is the initially and only gaming subscription service offered on Steam, and the fourth platform featuring an EA subscription.

The partnership kicks off with Star Wars&#x2122 Jedi: Fallen Order launching on November 15—and offered for pre-order right now. In the coming months, players on Steam will also be in a position to play other key titles like The Sims&#x2122 four and Unravel&#x2122 Two. Multiplayer games—like Apex Legends&#x2122, FIFA 20, and Battlefield&#x2122 V—will turn into offered subsequent year, and players on each Origin&#x2122 and Steam will have the capacity to play collectively.

A library of titles awaits you in The Vault, but beyond the games themselves, EA Access enhances your gaming practical experience with a medley of rewards. Get the red-carpet remedy with exclusive catalog-wide discounts, and in-game member positive aspects for some of our largest franchises.

Hold an eye out for additional news and updates on this partnership in the coming weeks and months!

And here’s the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launch trailer, considering that they’ve released it right now and I’m a large fan of embedding videos in my articles:


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