Destiny two: Shadowkeep – How to come across the Pit of Heresy Dungeon


The second Dungeon in Destiny two, the Pit of Heresy, is now out there for Shadowkeep owners and it is a hard a single to beat.

To access the Pit of Heresy, you will need to have to have completed the Shadowkeep principal campaign. Head more than to the Moon and have a chat with Eris, who’ll give you a quest involving the Hive.

You will need to have to have a minimum Energy level of 880 to commence the quest, and it would be a excellent concept to equip mods that can counter Barrier, Overload and Untoppable Champions.

The Festival of the Lost has began, with new Halloween themed cosmetics to earn. You will be returning to the Haunted Forest this year and you will be capable to get your hands on the Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle.

How to start out the new Dungeon

Speak with Eris to acquire The Deepening Wake quest, which entails stopping the Hive from finishing rituals. Head to the Altars of Sorrow marker, which is in Sorrow’s Habour.

This section runs a bit like the Blind Nicely, exactly where every wave gets increasingly much more complicated. You need to have to open a Tier 3 chest or greater and defeat 20 Nightmares to full the quest.

Count on your frame prices to take a enormous hit as swarms of enemies fill the screens. There will be many Nightmare Ogres, Wizards and Knights to kill as you avoid them from reaching a variety of altars.

As soon as you have completed that, stop by Eris once again and she’ll point you in the path of the Pit of Heresy. Enter the space and stand close to the glowing green crystal and wait for the floor to disappear. Jump down the hole and continue till you attain the Necropolis.

You will see a white circle on the ground, so stand in it and to your proper, you will see an region you can jump down to. You need to have to have a minimum of 940 Energy if you want any likelihood of accomplishment from this point onwards. Very good luck, Guardians.

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