As we enter the final year of this generation what have been some of your favourite games? : PS4


For my personal I’ll narrow the list down to three:

Bloodborne was my second FromSoft game (DS2 was my 1st) and it created me fall in really like with that studio. I’ve beaten it so a lot of occasions and enjoyed it completely each time.

Persona five is possibly my favourite game of all time. I sank 80 hours into it on my 1st playthrough and instantly began NG+ and place an additional 75 in. I loved it so significantly that I purchased a Vita just to play Persona 4G and then found each mainline Persona game is playable on the Vita!

Destiny is the multiplayer game I have spent the most time in this generation. It was the second game I purchased for my PS4 in 2015 and I played it religiously till Destiny two came out and then fell of the band wagon.


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