A speedrunner has beaten The Outer Worlds in below 31 minutes


Obsidian’s new retro-futurist RPG The Outer Worlds only arrived October 25, but 1 determined player has currently completed an impressively speedy speedrun of it. If you are asking yourself how extended The Outer Worlds is, we not too long ago estimated that it was about 25-30 hours for a a lot more thorough playthrough, and about 15 hours for a faster whip by way of. Now, a player has completed it in just more than 30 minutes.

Typical videogame speedrunner It is Jabo has uploaded a video of his The Outer Worlds speedrun on YouTube (which you can verify out beneath), posting a speedy finish time of 30:54. The user explains in the description that it is an ‘any% speedrun’ which implies finishing it in the quickest time feasible with any percentage of completion at the finish, rather than the a lot more mightily meaty pursuit of a 100% completion. Polishing off all these side quests and unlocking all the Outer Worlds perks would possibly take a bit longer.

In the video you can see the player sprinting and blasting his way by way of the game’s primary storyline, encountering a handful of enemies determined to slow him down, but he conveniently requires them down or escapes in time to make a sub-31 minute finish.


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