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Tabletop Conflict is an revolutionary new fusion of digital and tabletop wargaming that makes it possible for players to combine the person battles of their favourite tabletop game into one particular huge ongoing persistent war.

Most tabletop games see you competing in single battles that have no connection to the battles you play in that game in the future. Tabletop Conflict makes it possible for players to hyperlink these battles into one particular huge meta-game which is played out on a substantial virtual maps that players can set their personal guidelines for.

Tabletop Conflict can be made use of with any tabletop wargame and attributes distinct maps and narrative-driven campaigns for some of the most well known ones. Maps come in a selection of diverse themes (fantasy, futuristic, apocalyptic and historical) and players can define the size of the scale, game length, victory circumstances, objectives and the rewards for winning battles (resource points, territory, battle points, and so forth).

It is a incredibly clever notion that appears set to make person tabletop wargame battles that significantly far more engaging as they commence to kind one particular gigantic war. Sign up for the Beta to begin your campaign early!

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