Shooting the Child In Contemporary Warfare Reveals Secret Easter Egg


Infinity Ward’s Get in touch with of Duty: Contemporary Warfare is all anyone’s speaking about suitable now, and for superior explanation. The newly-released game is getting praised left, suitable and centre for its gameplay, story and style, with Easter eggs getting found all the time.

One particular of the most intriguing Easter eggs found so far comes from Bechrisslol on YouTube [via Dexerto], who discovered out that repeatedly shooting the child in 1 of the missions can get you booted out of the level.

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Credit: Activision

The Easter egg can be discovered in the “Clean House” mission, which sees you perform your way by way of a London townhouse and attempting to steer clear of killing civilians.

In the clip beneath (which includes child-shooting, so viewer discretion is advised), Bechrisslol firstly gets warned with a message stating ‘Children are non-combatants.’

Shooting the child but once again sees the player returned to the earlier checkpoint, which takes place a lot in CoD games if you get also trigger-pleased on civilians.

If you continue to shoot at the helpless lil child then you will ultimately see a unique message, this time asking: “Are you significant?” 

Credit: Activision

It is at the point that you will get kicked out of the mission for poor behaviour, and at this point, you type of deserve it to be sincere.

It is a neat tiny way to attempt and include the killing that players could potentially go on in Contemporary Warfare, a game which currently touches on a lot of sensitive problems.

Credit: Activision

White phosphorus, decapitation, youngster-killing, suicide bombers and far more are all touched upon in Get in touch with of Duty: Contemporary Warfare, so it is superior to see the game has some deterrents in spot for these players who like to reside life on the edge.

Get in touch with of Duty: Contemporary Warfare is 1 of the darkest games in the series. Play it now on Computer, Xbox One particular and PlayStation four.

Featured Image Credit: Activision


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