‘NUTS’ Records Squirrel Activity in a Vibrant Wood


NUTS is a fairly simple game. You are in a surreal green, yellow, and orange planet, tracking squirrels who leave a tree at evening and move towards a watering hole.

That is an quick notion, but if you are like me, you have never ever tracked an animal ahead of. This is a painstakingly slow process set up your 3 cameras, go back to your cabin, go to sleep, wake up, analyse the footage, move the cameras, adjust the angle, go back to your cabin, sleep. This is generally what you are undertaking all through the game.

There are other objects in your cabin like cans of meals, some light cooking supplies, random note papers, and a fax machine/printer. You have a telephone that your boss utilizes to inform you about your mission. This mission is odd: just watch squirrels. There is constantly this looming feeling that some thing else is going to come about – some thing else is going to take more than and spin the game in a new path.


In my smaller time with NUTS, at EGX 2019, I couldn’t shake the feeling that some thing extra was going to come about. I kept setting up my cameras, watching the squirrel, and asking yourself at what point I’d figure out exactly where it went. Watching the footage back on Television screens the subsequent morning was uncomplicated sufficient, even though I did struggle with placing out cameras frequently. 

You do have a small mini-map which shows the paths you have walked and the angle you are facing, as nicely as exactly where the squirrel is coming out from. This assists a lot when it comes to putting the cameras, but possibly it would have produced extra sense to location the 3 additional apart then I did. In spite of possessing some camera troubles of my personal, I began to truly get pleasure from NUTS. The process began to turn out to be exciting, even if I couldn’t shake the feeling that some thing else may possibly be going on.


NUTS is presently in improvement, but in the meantime, you can adhere to its creation on the game’s web page.


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